Nosebreaker V 1.3 latest version 

An easy Windows game for a small break 

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This game is free but if you want to support it (server space etc.) a donation is welcome.


Try to remove all balls. Any cluster of 2 or more balls can be removed (doubleclick) and will add the value indicated. Clusters with more balls have an increasing larger value. Removed balls will be replaced by moving the columns down. Once a column is empty the space will be filled with the columns to the left of the empty space.



  • Cluster value = #balls * (#balls - 1) 

  • 1000 points bonus for a complete empty field !!!

  • Get the 5 ball game after achieving 2'000 points !!!

  • Get the 6 ball game after achieving 2'750 points !!! (new with V 1.2)

  • Get the 7 ball game after achieving 3'500 points !!! (new with V 1.2)

  • Choose from balls, splashes or bricks to play with  (new with V 1.2)

  • Buy a color for an isolated ball to build a better cluster  (new with V 1.3)
    You must decide if it is worth the price ....


A mini-game based on SameGame (Mac), KSame (Linux) and finally MSoft *awbreaker (which is a trademark therefore it is forbidden to mention it here....)

Have some fun with it!!


Copyright 2005 M.Burri

This program is freeware and provided as is - no warranties for a particular purpose whatsoever.